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Kirsti Simonsuuri

Kirsti Katariina Simonsuuri
Born December 26, 1945, Helsinki

Postgraduate Diploma in English Studies (MA) 1969, University of Edinburgh
Master of Arts (English Philology) 1971, University of Helsinki
PhD 1977, Newnham College Cambridge
Docent in general literature 1981–, University of Turku
Docent in the history of literature 1984–, University of Helsinki

Writer and researcher of ancient literature
Assistant professor and acting professor of literature 1978–1981, University of Oulu
Researcher 1971–1977 and 2003, Cambridge; 1984–1986, Strasbourg and Boston 1986–1988 New York; 1989–1990 Paris; 1992–1993 and 2001 Berlin; 1994 Oxford; 2003–2004 Budapest and 2006–2007 Uppsala
British Academy Wolfson Fellow 1981–1982, Warburg Institute London
Director, 1995–1997, The Finnish Institute at Athens
Academy of Finland researcher 2000–2006
European Research Council expert panel member 2007–2010

Photo: Ingrid von Kruse
Written by Kirsti Katariina Simonsuuri (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta​ ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

My best memories at the University of Helsinki

I warmly recall the inspirational knowledge passed on by lecturers at the University of Helsinki. Although research is universal, a single person has written its words and lines. For example, when a graduation ceremony was being celebrated on an early morning in late May around thirty years ago at the University of Helsinki; or when, enjoying an ancient tradition, symposiums were held in mid-December in darkest Helsinki. The University of Helsinki acted as a stage – the best stage in the entire world, as I thought back then.

Photo: Irmeli Jung.


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