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Katarina Koskiranta

Salli Katarina Koskiranta
Born January 23, 1962

Master of Arts (Finno-Ugrian Ethnology), University of Helsinki

Amanuensis, Ethnology and Folkoristics, University of Helsinki, 2010-

Amanuensis, Ethnology, 2004–2010, Folkloristics, 2004 and Finnish Literature, 1997–2004
Assistant, Department of Ethnology, 1992-1993, Hourly-paid Teacher, 1991–1998 and 2001–2004
Office Secretary, Department of Ethnology, University of Helsinki, 1990–1991
Research Assistant/Researcher, Workers’ culture project, National Board of Antiquities, 1989–1990 and 1994–1995

Photo: Mika Federley
Written by Katarina Koskiranta (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by John Calton

Singing, and especially with the Academic Choral Society

I have always sung, solo as well as in a choir. I had been at the University for quite a while and I had already graduated when I found out of the many societies my own choir, the Academic Choral Society, in 1994. At that time there were around 150 members in the choir and almost the same number of singers on stage. In those days the choir’s basic repertoire consisted of major orchestral works, masses, oratorios and passions.

The highlights of my choral career were, of course, performing at university graduation ceremonies. We have sung many times at the philosophy faculty’s ceremonies, as well as at celebrations in the Faculties of Theology and Medicine. The only one that seems to be missing is veterinary science.


At a celebration in March 2015 in honour of the University’s 375th anniversary, we were invited to present the rarely heard Jean Sibelius and Richard Faltin graduation cantata from the 1890s, along with the Helsinki University Symphony Orchestra.

I have been in the Academic Choral Society for 22 years. Initially I was very active in the choir, that is to say the running of the association. I was the chairperson for three years and on the board for seven. Now as an emerita, I only sing and enjoy the good company and the music!

And because one choir is just not enough, there has to be two - I am a member of the vocal ensemble Incanto, but I have only sung with them for 10 years.

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