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Jussi Niinistö

Jussi Lauri Juhani Niinistö
Born October 27, 1970, Helsinki

MA 1994 and PhD 1998 (Finnish History), University of Helsinki
Docent in Finnish Military History at the National Defence University, 2004–
Docent in Finnish History at the University of Helsinki, 2004–

Minister of Defence, 2015–
Member of Parliament, 2001–
First deputy chairman of the Finns Party, 2013–

Editor-in-Chief of the Vapaussoturi (‘Freedom fighter’) magazine, 2006–11
Chair of the Defence Committee, 2011–15
General Secretary of the Finns Party Parliamentary Group, 2005–11
Researcher at the National Archives, 2003
Executive Director, Association of Finnish Culture and Identity, 1999–2000 and 2001
History researcher in various projects, 1996–2004
Research assistant, 1995–96

Photo: Ministry of Defence
Written by Tero Juutilainen
Translated by
Joe McVeigh

Future plans

The field of history is nice because I can always come back to it. When I became a candidate in the 2011 election, I thought ‘Now, let’s go make history,’ and of course later we’ll be able to write it. But it is not really the history of the Finns Party, at least not from this perspective. It is tough to remember the early years and the small party that was behind the work. I tip my hat to Raimo Vistbacka and Timo Soini for the great work they have done.

Maybe the backgrounds of ‘Big Bang’ election (2011) and the ‘Bigger Bang’ election (2015) could be where I have something to give in terms of historical research. I was, among other things, the election manager for the 2006 presidential election and the 2007 parliamentary election, so maybe I could have something practical to offer. If I could only let myself go.

At the moment, and when my work duties allow it, I read history written by others. I also like to relax by jogging and listening to the Finnish Broadcasting Company’s Saturday Request Show or something else from my collection that I can find on the old radio. During that programme, I do not take or receive phone calls very nicely…

Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö, photographed in the Ministry.


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