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Juha Kanerva

Juha Petteri Kanerva
Born September 23, 1965

Finnish and General History studies, University of Helsinki, 1984-90

Resident Commentator, Finnish Broadcasting Company’s Jälkihiki (sports debriefing slot) 2010-
Sports writer, Urheilusanomat newspaper (formerly Veikkaaja  newspaper) and Ilta-Sanomat evening newspaper, 2002-

Managing Director, Sportslink Oy, 2000–2001
Information, Finnish sports library, 1991–2000

Awards and special achievements
Sports book of the year, 2007 (for Rakas jalkapallo,’The beautiful game’) and 2012 (Urheilulajien synty, ‘In the beginning was the game’)
Nominee for ‘sports journalist of the year’ at Finland’s sports gala, 2015

Written by Juha Kanerva (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by John Calton

From the library to the bright lights of the TV studio

I work at the Sanoma media group in the business unit of the Ilta-Sanomat evening newspaper. It doesn’t sound like a job for a humanist because sometimes it really isn’t. Although the media world has become increasingly hectic and publishing online has gained increasing ground, the educational capital I squirreled away in the University are still a source of daily delight. Digitalisation may be the flavour of the month, but content creation has been needed since the time of Gutenberg.

My job is interesting because I have the opportunity to write very different kinds of articles for different sets of readers. Ilta-Sanomat’s printed version represents traditional journalism, while the paper’s online presence represents the modern and high-speed transmission of information. The weekly Urheilusanomat is in turn a publication full of longer, less rushed articles. A humble little brainbox like mine is certainly put to the test when the deadlines for all of these fall at the same time. But the best comes from being on ISTV, when the journalists get to “embarrass” themselves on TV.

The bread and butter of my job, however, is that I have the honour to appear at people’s breakfast table every Monday when I am on the morning news presenting the sports digest Jälkihiki  (‘After the game’). In that programme, I get to profile myself for what I am – an expert on sports history.

Juha Kanerva at the Izmailov Hotel.​
Juha Kanerva at the Izmailov Hotel.​


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