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Juha Föhr

Juha Föhr
Born July 3, 1958, Piikkiö

Bachelor of Arts (German Philology), University of Helsinki, 2007
Studies in the Faculty of Science, main subject meteorology, University of Helsinki

Photo: Mika Federley
Written by Juha Föhr and Heta Muurinen
Translated by John Calton

Education as an End in Itself

The idea of lifelong learning is a fine one, but so far it is little more than just talk.

A study spurt with the aim of acquiring a profession can also be a good idea in the short term. But it is important to remember just how long a working life is. The world has changed since the 1970s and the 1980s when Finland enjoyed a long period of prosperity thanks to trade with the Soviet Union. No one can predict what qualities employers will be looking for in the future. There may be great upheavals. That is why it is puzzling that financial aid to students is limited to just one degree.

It is my view that we absolutely should make sure that we have the resources to educate people, and it should not simply be a matter of work related needs, whether those needs be real or imaginary. Humanities are just as responsible for a large portion of general education here as elsewhere, and through it for the culture that is the foundation for economics, social planning, and even the application of engineering sciences. It is all about values.


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