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Jorma Kaimio

Jorma Juhani Kaimio
Born July 13, 1946, Helsinki

Master of Arts (1967) (Roman literature), Licentiate of Philosophy (1969) and Doctor of Philosophy (1972), University of Helsinki
Secretary, Matriculation Examination Board (1969-72)
Acting Associate Professor of Roman literature (1977)
Managing Director of the Akateeminen bookshop (1980-90)
Literary Director and Vice President at WSOY (1990-2000), President (2000-06)

Publications, research projects and other academic activities

Research interests:
What became of the Etruscans and their language under Rome’s tightening grip?
Latin and Greek as languages of the Roman Empire
The publication of Greek-language papyrus rolls

Awards and special achievements:
University of Helsinki, Senior of the Year 1997

Photo: WSOY:n kuva-arkisto
Written by Jorma Kaimio
Translated by John Calton, Kaisla Kajava and Johanna Spoof
Revised by John Calton.

"The flame of passion never dies"

Intohimon liekki ei sammu,” (‘The flame of passion never dies’) interview in Finnish with Jorma Kaimio, Kuukauden humanisti (‘Humanist of the month’) 8/2006, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki.

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