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Johan Ludvig Runeberg

Born February 5, 1804, Pietarsaari. Died May 6, 1877, Porvoo

Master of Philosophy 1827, Imperial Academy of Turku

Home tutor 1822–1826
Docent of Eloquence 1830, Imperial Alexander University
Teacher 1831–1836, the Swedish-language Helsingfors Lyceum
Lektor in Roman and Greek letters 1837–1857 and rector of the Gymnasium at Porvoo 1847–1850

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Written by Tero Juutilainen
Translated by John Calton

"The story of Runeberg's cakes"

The cakes named after J.L. Runeberg were developed by a Porvoo baker and confectioner who lived during the national poet's lifetime, from cakes that the poet is said to have enjoyed for breakfast. Later on the people of Porvoo began to call them Runeberg's cakes, and they are still sold in Porvoo cafés today.  Read more from the website Visit Porvoo.fi.



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