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Janne Halmkrona

Janne Matias Halmkrona
Born April 19, 1968, Tornio.

Master of Arts (Musicology), 1996, University of Helsinki

Musician, CMX, 1990- , Sapattivuosi, 2000-
Production Head, Sony Music Entertainment Finland Ltd, 2005–2012
Founder/Programmer, Njet Communications Ltd, 1999–2004
Programmer, 1996–1999, ICL Data Ltd
Radio DJ, Radio Helsinki, 2000–2006

Publications, Awards and Special Achievements
CMX: 14 albums, 4 compilations, 16 Gold and 3 platinum records
Sapattivuosi: 3 albums
Encyclopedia idiotica (ed. Tuukka Hämäläinen): book based on CMX’s website’s forum, together with A.W.Yrjänä
Second form, Tornio inter-schools skiing competition, Silver Medal, 1976

Photo: AJ Savolainen
Written by Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta
Translated by John Calton

My dream

Every now and then I think of returning to the University. A big question mark over this is whether I dare to go there and hang out with people who are less than half my age. I have something of an urge to study Finnish.

On the whole, I’m interesting in learning languages. After all, now I have time for that. Sometimes I miss the everyday social environment that comes with a day job. The daily rhythm of a freelance artist is quite, well, free.

If I had to think of a day job for myself, then something that combines music and computers in some form or another is what I’d still like to do. Be it producing, making music for games or even planning study materials.

Really I dream of moving to Costa Rica. I’d live in a hut on the beach, reading books – not physical books, mind you, but books on Kindle – and listening to music on my record player – not physical records but music from Spotify. Ever the nerd.

CMX in 2010. Picture: Kerttu Malinen.​
CMX in 2010. Picture: Kerttu Malinen.​


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