In honour of the University of Helsinki's 375th anniversary, the Faculty of Arts presents 375 humanists.  The individuals featured on the web pages provide a glimpse of the social and cultural impact of those working in the humanities as well as examples of their breadth of knowledge. The focus is on our current research and the work of alumni in various societal connections, but there’s a place for stars from our past, too.

On each day of the centenary year we will present one figure from the humanities, with several individuals representing a single theme making up for the extra years. The individuals have been chosen to illustrate as broadly as possible the societal impact of the humanities.

Here’s hoping the website gives you some interesting insights into the arts faculty!



  • 1640 School of Philosophy (Royal Academy of Turku, after 1808 the Imperial Academy of Turku)
  • 1828 School of Philosophy (Imperial  Alexander University)
  • 1852 Faculty of History and Language Sciences (Imperial Alexander University)
  • 1863 Division for History and Language Sciences (Imperial Alexander University)
  • 1919 Division for History and Language Sciences (University of Helsinki)
  • 1992 Faculty of Arts (University of Helsinki)

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki is Finland’s oldest institute for teaching and research in the humanities. The faculty was established in 1640 as part of the Royal Academy of Turku. At that time, the Faculty of Philosophy formed the core of the University and completion of studies was a prerequisite for studies in the faculties of theology, law and medicine. The University moved from Turku to Helsinki in 1828, whence it was known as the Imperial Alexander University.

The Faculty of History and Language Sciences established in 1852 strengthened the scientific standing of the humanities. The Faculty of Arts has been operating within the University under its current name since 1992. Following the University reform of 2010, the sixteen departments and two institutes were reorganized as four large departments: the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies; the Department of World Cultures; the Department of Modern Languages; and the Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies.


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