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Ilona Herlin

Maria Ilona Herlin
Born April 8, 1965, Kirkkonummi

MA 1992 and PhD 1998 (Finnish Language), University of Helsinki
Docent at the University of Helsinki 2006-

Independent scholar 2006-
Doctoral assistant at the University of Helsinki 2006
Postdoctoral researcher at the Academy of Finland 1995–1998

Publications, research projects and other scientific activities

Research topics: Finnish grammar, in particular the relationship between sentences, infinitives, particles and personalities, the position of empathy in language, language and nature

Smiling Girl Statue for students with good friendship skills 1972
2nd place in the Masala school district ski and temperance writing competition 1973
Best poster at the Finnish Conference of Linguistics, Helsinki 2002

Written by Ilona Herlin (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by
Joe McVeigh

My dream

My dream is to get people to understand the cultural nature of environmental problems and to get the solution to the problems from the humanist point of view. As a multi-humanist I am happy to work with researchers in my field. The conversation is easier of course when you have shared backgrounds, but cooperation between fields seems to become more important when entering into the trickier problems of the world. With the Kone Foundation I have been involved with creating and kindling interdisciplinary projects and I believe there are still some humanities-social science-environmental projects to be generated during my time at the foundation. Maybe one of them can fulfil my dream.

I also want to write a Finnish language book that deals with the relationship between humans and nature, or the ways in which nature is talked about and how it appears in the Finnish language. It would be best to write something that is simultaneously thorough for linguists and understandable to people from other fields. The implementation of my book project would require many weeks free of meetings. Just as all sorts of junk and associations hide the main point in many of my publications, it appears that the most important work of my career gets buried under insignificant obligations.

Photo: Jukka Liukkonen.


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