Ville Vuorela
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Ville Vuorela

Ville Vuorela is a Bachelor of Arts and an eternal student of the old school. He has worked as a teacher, a translator and technical writer and most recently as a games designer. He has also written several books and reckons the humanities and industry have a good deal more to give each other than is generally supposed.

Ville Vuorela

Ville Tuomas Vuorela
Born November 4, 1973, Espoo.

Bachelor of Arts (English Philology), University of Helsinki
Games Scriptwriting, Professional Diploma, Adulta adult education centre, 2007

Games Design and Scriptwriting Consultant, Burger Games, 2011-
Senior Games Designer, Casual Continent, 2009-10
Narrative Designer, Recoil Games, 2007-8
Senior Games Designer, Rovio Mobile, 2005-6
Games Designer, Sumea/Digital Chocolate, 2004-5
Technical Writer, various employers, 2000-3
Supply Teacher, Espoo Municipal Education Authority, 1996-2000

Golden Dragon Award for role-play, 2005

Written by Tomas Sjöblom
Translated by John Calton

The director of an educational software company which develops industrial process simulations once asked me what a game designer actually does. There is no single answer that would apply in every case, but there are things that all game designers do.

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