Veikko Somerpuro
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Veikko Somerpuro

Veikko Somerpuro exploits his expertise in philosophy and aesthetics in his work as a photographer. Every photographic situation is different: in addition to mastering techniques with the camera, a top photographer requires a profound vision of the idea of the photograph and the skill to interact with its subject. Veikko Somerpuro is happy that by accident he became an entrepreneur. Through his photographs he feels that he is providing valuable content to his customers. In his view, it is something that he could not provide with the pen.

Veikko Somerpuro

Veikko August Somerpuro
Born April 11, 1970

Master of Arts 1997 theoretical philosophy), University of Helsinki

Photographer 1999–
Photography teacher, 2000–2004, Helsinki Adult Education Institute Malmitalo, Annantalo Arts Centre and YOK – University of Helsinki Student Photography Association.

Selection of Customers:

The University of Helsinki, WSOY, Johnny Kniga, Ylioppilaslehti, Trade Union of Education in Finland, Opettaja, Akava Special Branches, Vihreä lanka, Parnasso, Finnfund, Talentia ry, Finnish Union of University Professors, Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers, Acatiimi, National Library of Finland, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finnish Forest Industries, Sitra, Image-kustannus, Finnish Centre for Pensions, KHT-media and KHT-yhdistys, Unihome, Unisport, Balanssi, A-lehdet, Nurminen Logistics, MJK, music academies of in the Metropolitan area, Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, MTT, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Port of Helsinki, IHME art festival, Celia Library for the visually impaired, Finnish Union of Experts in Science, Painomaailma, KEPA, The Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists, STARA, City of Helsinki Real Estate Department, Docendo, Viinilehti, SA-TU Logistics, Fifth Element, Red Lynx, Kopiosto ry, Fazer, Nokia, Soste, Metso co., Finnish Paper Workers' Union, Maatilan Pellervo, Edita, Allianssi, Finnish Film Foundation, Kotimaa Oy, Nuorisotyö, Inclusion Finland KVTL, Noste, Bloomberg.

Chairman 1998–99 and artistic director 2000–01, YOK – University of Helsinki Student Photography Association

Photo: Tiina Somerpuro
Written by Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta
Translated by Matthew Billington

When Veikko Somerpuro began studying at the University of Helsinki in 1989, he had a career as a biochemist in mind. Early on in his studies, however, it became clear that biochemistry was not his thing. His passion for natural sciences, which had been sparked when he was in upper secondary school, did not thrive in the laboratory.

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Veikko Somerpuro can often put his philosophical, sociological and aesthetic expertise to use when taking photographs. “Automatically thinking about things from different perspectives is a great help to a photographer. Every shoot is unique, and at every gig you have to take different things into consideration. You also have to be able to establish a quick rapport with the people you are photographing, whether they are politicians, professors, authors or businessmen.”

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The photographer Veikko Somerpuro works as an entrepreneur. He receives his assignments by email or telephone. Sometimes the client has very specific instructions on when and how the shoot will take place, and at other times Somerpuro has to take care of everything himself, including the visual idea for the photograph.

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