Tyyni Tuulio
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Tyyni Tuulio

Tyyni Tuulio spent 60 of the near 100 years of her life working diligently as a writer, translator and researcher. In addition, Tuulio held positions of responsibility in cultural institutions, through which she was able to influence issues of equality. A sanguine worldview combined with a passion for writing allowed Tuulio, through her books, to highlight the issues she considered important.

Tyyni Tuulio

Tyyni Maria Tuulio (née Haapanen, Tallgren 1917–33)
Born August 28, 1892, Karvia. Died June 9, 1991, Helsinki

Bachelor of Arts 1916 and Master of Arts 1927 (Romance languages and literature), University of Helsinki

Writer, literature scholar and translator into Finnish

Member 1949–65, National Council for Literature
Secretary 1936–46, chairman 1960–64 and honorary member, Finnish PEN Club
Secretary for foreign affairs 1933–36 and honorary member, Finnish Federation of Graduate Women,

Honorary member of the Finnish-Spanish Society, Satakunnan kilta (organisation for former members of the Satakunta student nation), the Satakunta student nation, the Finnish Women’s Alliance, the Union of Finnish Writers and the Finnish Union of Authors Writing for Children and Youth

Commander of the Order of the lion of Finland
Knight, Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity
Finnish Cultural Foundation award of acknowledgement (tunnustuspalkinto) 1957
Honorary PhD 1960, University of Helsinki
Wener Söderström Foundation award of acknowledgement (tunnustuspalkinto) 1982
Valtion kääntäjäpalkinto (State translation prize) 1985

Photo: SKS, Kirjallisuusarkisto / Atelier Regina
Written by Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta
Translated by Matthew Billington