Tuomas Lehtonen
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Tuomas Lehtonen

Curiosity is what has taken Tuomas Lehtonen from mediaeval studies to heading Suomalainen Kirjallisuuden Seura, the Finnish Literature Society. He is intrigued by all things human, in fact anything from satirical verse to good governance. He enjoys the challenge of balancing between various tasks - establishing partnerships and creating research opportunities for others. Currently, and alongside his day job, Lehtonen is studying the interaction between the spoken and written cultures of the sixteenth century.

Tuomas Lehtonen

Tuomas Martti Samuel Lehtonen
Born January 8, 1960, Helsinki

Master of Arts (General History) 1987, Licentiate of Philosophy, 1994, and Doctor of Philosophy (History), 1996, University of Helsinki
Docent, European History, 1999, University of Helsinki

Secretary-General, Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura - Finnish Literature Society, 2004-
Director, 2001– 2004, Renvall Institute, University of Helsinki
Researcher, 1988– 2000
Editorial secretary, 1987– 1988, Tiede & Edistys (‘Science and progress’) journal

Publications, research projects and other academic activities
Research interests: relation between spoken and written cultures, mediaeval history and Roman letters, mediaeval and modern era historiography, rhetoric and poetry.

Photo: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Written by Tuomas Lehtonen and Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta
Translated by John Calton

The Finnish Literature Society (SKS) records and researches Finnish culture. As an academic society it has worked to build Finnish self-understanding since its establishment in 1831, developed the Finnish language and literature and promoted the research and recording of folklore.

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