Niklas Jensen-Eriksen
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Niklas Jensen-Eriksen

Helsinki University’s first professor of business history researches the constantly evolving market economy. He is interested in the dynamics and drama of capitalism, and the development of businesses as a part of society. He has had no cause to regret his childhood decision to become a historian.

Niklas Jensen-Eriksen

Born July 22, 1974.

MA (general history) 1998, University of Helsinki; MPSc  (political science) 2008, University of Helsinki; PhD  (economic history) 2004, London School of Economics and Political Science

Professor of Business History, University of Helsinki 2013-
Researcher 1999-2002 and  2003-04 (University of Helsinki), postdoctoral researcher in 2004-08
Special researcher 2008-09 (Finnish National Archives)
Adjunct professor of European history, University of Helsinki 2009-
Postdoctoral researcher 2009-11 (University of Helsinki)
Academy of Finland researcher 2012-13

Publications, research projects and other scientific activity
Research areas: business and economic history of the Cold War period, business/government relations, forest industries, energy industries, cartels, economic regulation, business history of media

Awards and special achievements:
The TUHAT award of the Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki, for publications in 2014

Photo: Mika Federley
Written by: Niklas Jensen Eriksen and Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta (ed.)
Translated by: John Calton

In the mid-80s adventure film, A View to a Kill, the fictional KGB General Anatol Gogol presents ‘Comrade’ James Bond with the Order of Lenin after the British agent has saved California’s Silicon Valley. The film’s arch-villain, Max Zorin, had been plotting its annihilation. The British agent’s boss ‘M’ can’t help but wonder: ‘I’d thought the KBG would have celebrated if Silicon Valley had been destroyed.’ – ‘On the contrary, Admiral,’ the general replies, ‘where would Russian research be without it?’

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A professor’s work consists of bits and pieces. We research different topics, we give lectures, grade exams, apply for funding, read the research literature, give interviews to the media and sit in all manner of meetings.

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The University is a fine institution, one that should be invented if it didn't already exist. There is always need for an institution where the goal is to get to the bottom of things, not just how people think or might claim things are, or how some figure of authority dictates you should think.

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  • Valtapolitiikka voittaa talouden edun”, Niklas Jensen-Eriksenin haastattelu, (’Power politics beats economic advantage’ interview) Aalto University Executive Education 13.6.2014
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