Michael Wexionius (Gyldenstolpe)
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Michael Wexionius (Gyldenstolpe)

Michael Wexonius was Finland’s first professor of history. Owing to his talents and good personal connections, he went from minister’s son to professor, nobleman and judge. Wexonius devised the opening ceremony of the Royal Academy of Turku. He was greatly influential in shaping academic traditions for the newly-founded university as well as instigating the practice of publishing scholarly writing.

Michael Wexionius (Gyldenstolpe)

Michael Olsson Wexionius (from 1650 Gyldenstolpe)
Born February 16, 1608, Pjätteryd, Sweden. Died June 28, 1670, Turku.

Master of Philosophy, 1632, University of Uppsala

Rector, Royal Academy of Turku, 1641-42, 1653-55
Professor of Jurisprudence, Royal Academy of Turku, 1647-58
Dean, Faculty of Philosophy, Royal Academy of Turku, 1640
Professor of Politic and History, 1640-58, Royal Academy of Turku
Rector, 1638-40, Växjö school

Judge, Pohjanmaan tuomiokunta, (Ostrobothnia assizes), 1663-70, Älvsborg province, 1667-70
Clerk to the nobility, Turku Court of Appeal, 1658-70

Honorary Doctor of Laws, Royal Academy of Turku

Photo: Svenskt biografiskt lexikon
Written by Tomas Sjöblom
Translated by John Calton

Michael Wexionius was born the son of a clergyman in Småland, Sweden. His family circumstances were auspicious for someone intent on a scholarly future, since the southern Swedish province had connections to several of the Royal Academy of Turku’s founding fathers. Count Per Brahe was a holder of several fiefdoms…

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Michael Wexionius was not only the first Professor of Politic and History at the Royal Academy of Turku, but he set precedents in many other areas as well. He was well acquainted with Central European and Swedish academic traditions, and soon after joining the Academy, he organised its festive inauguration…

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