Maila Talvio
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Maila Talvio

The author Maila Talvio addressed societal and psychological themes and was known not only for her dark style of writing but also for her skill as a speaker. As a counterbalance to her works, which dealt with death and melancholy, Talvio’s speeches displayed optimism and a belief in progress. For her dedicated work with the Satakuntalainen student nation, The University of Helsinki awarded Talvio an honorary PhD in 1950.

Maila Talvio

Maila Talvio (Maria Mikkola, née Winter)
Born October 17, Hartola. Died January 6, Helsinki

Writer, public speaker, student nation activist

Haapaniemen keinu (‘The Haapaniemi swing,’ 1890)
Tähtien alla (‘Under the stars,’ 1910)
Hämähäkki ja muita kertomuksia, (‘The spider and other stories,’ 1912)
Silmä yössä, (‘The eye in the night,’1917)
Itämeren tytär (‘Daughter of the Baltic Sea,’1929–1936): Kaukaa tullut (‘Come from afar,’ 1929), Hed-ulla ja hänen kosijansa (‘Hed-Ulla and her suitor,’ 1931), Hopealaiva (‘The silver ship,’ 1936)

Golden Academic Wreath of the Polish Academy of Literature1936
Henrik Steffens prize 1940
Honorary PhD, University of Helsinki, 1950

Photo: Museovirasto/Salon Strinberg
Written by Olli Siitonen
Translated by Matthew Billington