Kai Häggman
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Kai Häggman

Docent Kai Häggman has been hailed “the foremost authority on Finnish publishing history.” In 2000s, he wrote five sturdy studies on the book and publishing industry. In addition he has researched the likes of genealogy, the forest industry and everyday Finnish life. Häggman is proud to have supported his family for the last 30 years through fixed-term academic work and writing books.

Kai Häggman

Kai Allan Häggman
Born November 20, 1956, Helsinki

Master of Arts 1987, PhD 1994 (Finnish and Scandinavian history), University of Helsinki

Docent in Finnish and Scandinavian history 1998, University of Helsinki
History writer 2015–, Union of Finnish Writers
Researcher and historian 2008–14, Finnish Literature Society
History writer 2005–08, Finnish Book Publishers Association
Editor-in chief 2004–07, Suomalaisen arjen historia (‘the history of everyday Finnish life’).
Researcher 2003–05, Finnish Forest Industries
History writer 1998–2003, WSOY
Researcher 1996–97, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland
Researcher 1992–95, Renvall Institute
Researcher 1988–92, Academy of Finland

Research themes: Genealogy, the Finnish elite, the book and publishing industry

Awards and special achievements:
Nominated for the Kanava prize for non-fiction 2012
WSOY Literature Foundation award 2008
Honorary award from the Lauri Jänti Foundation for the promotion of Finnish non-fiction 2003
Honorary award for a work of historical writing from the Society of the Friends of History 2003

Photo: Anu Viljanen-Häggman
Written by Kai Häggman (Tomas Sjöblom, ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

My best memories at the University of Helsinki are from my student days at the beginning of the 1980s. I participated, to a reasonable degree, in the activities of Kronos, the association of history students at the Faculty of Arts. Nevertheless, I was more frequently found in unofficial student…

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