Juha Kanerva
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Juha Kanerva

Juha Kanerva is a sports writer on the popular tabloid newspaper Ilta-Sanomat and the sports paper Urheilusanomat. But he finds plenty of time and space for more than just the seconds and the centimetres. His history studies have sparked his passion for social life, a passion he’s been able to pursue through the breakfast television programme Jälkihiki (‘After the Game’), with his writing and shrewd observations on the sporting scene. Kanerva has also penned a dozen or so books, either playing solo or as part of a team.

Juha Kanerva

Juha Petteri Kanerva
Born September 23, 1965

Finnish and General History studies, University of Helsinki, 1984-90

Resident Commentator, Finnish Broadcasting Company’s Jälkihiki (sports debriefing slot) 2010-
Sports writer, Urheilusanomat newspaper (formerly Veikkaaja  newspaper) and Ilta-Sanomat evening newspaper, 2002-

Managing Director, Sportslink Oy, 2000–2001
Information, Finnish sports library, 1991–2000

Awards and special achievements
Sports book of the year, 2007 (for Rakas jalkapallo,’The beautiful game’) and 2012 (Urheilulajien synty, ‘In the beginning was the game’)
Nominee for ‘sports journalist of the year’ at Finland’s sports gala, 2015

Written by Juha Kanerva (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by John Calton

My fondest memories from my university years are definitely from the cafe in the main building. Since most of the history lectures were held in the main building, it was natural to go to the cafe between them or during breaks. Usually, you would meet other history students or other…

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I’ve been able to fulfil quite a few dreams, but I do have some left as well. For example, one day I would like to see the Finnish national team playing in the World Cup. Unfortunately, it’s not up to me. Another one of my dreams is though.

For years…

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