Irja Seurujärvi-Kari
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Irja Seurujärvi-Kari

Irja Seurujärvi-Kari is the sole lecturer in Sámi language and culture in the whole of Southern Finland. She began her University career by setting up a study module for Sámi research – Sámedutkan. The publication of Johdatus saamentutkimukseen (‘An introduction to Sámi studies’) in 1994 gave a boost to a new, multidisciplinary direction in Sámi research in Finland. Issues relating to human rights and the Sámi people’s indigenous status have become particularly dear to Seurujärvi-Kari with her work in various social forums.

Irja Seurujärvi-Kari

Irja Anneli Seurujärvi-Kari
Born November 21, 1947, Utsjoki.

Doctor of Philosophy (Finno-Ugric Languages), 2012, University of Helsinki
Master of Arts (English Philology), 1974, University of Oulu

Lecturer, Sámi Language and Culture, 1986-, University of Helsinki

Researcher, Institute for the Languages of Finland, 1985/6
Head, Utsjoki upper secondary school for Sámi, 1978-85
Lecturer, Sámi language, 1976/7, University of Oulu
Lector, English and Swedish, Ivalo comprehensive school, 1974-76

Research interests
Sámi and indigenous rights movements, identity politics and rights of indigenous peoples, etymological and ontological issues for indigenous peoples, Sámi languages, endangered languages and revitalisation.

Publications, research projects and other academic activities

Photo: Ulla Aikio-Puoskari
Written by Irja Seurujärvi-Kari, Kaija Hartikainen (ed.)
Translated by John Calton