Hilma Granqvist
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Hilma Granqvist

Hilma Granqvist was a primary school teacher, a researcher of Palestine and the first Finnish female Doctor of Sociology. As a woman pioneer of sociological research, she suffered from many setbacks in her career. Although she gained international recognition early on in her career, her efforts were acknowledged only much later in Finland.

Hilma Granqvist

Hilma Natalia Granqvist
Born July 17, 1890, Sipoo. Died February 25, 1972, Helsinki

PhD (Sociology) 1932, Åbo Akademi University
BA (Social and Moral Philosophy) 1921, MA 1923, University of Helsinki

Freelance researcher
Ethnographic fieldwork in Palestine 1925–1931

Scandinavian Popular Science Literature Award 1939

Written by Tomas Sjöblom
Translated by Johanna Spoof
Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Åbo Akademi University photo archives

HilmaGranqvist’s career was full of setbacks, starting with her doctoral dissertation. Granqvist presented the idea for the topic of her doctoral thesis to the professor of sociology Gunnar Landtman at the University of Helsinki: marriage traditions in the Palestinian village of Artes.

Professor Landtman was not at all happy with…

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