Anna Mauranen
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Anna Mauranen

As Vice-rector of the University of Helsinki, Anna Mauranen is responsible for both international and societal relations, together with personnel policy. In her capacity as Professor of English, Mauranen is one of the University’s most internationally cited researchers. If after all this there’s any time left over, Mauranen uses it on her favourite hobby, painting.

Anna Mauranen

Anna Mauranen
Born August 31, 1949, Helsinki.

Doctor of Philosophy (English Linguistics), 1992, University of Birmingham
Master of Arts (English Philology, General Linguistics, Psychology), 1979, University of Helsinki

Vice-rector, University of Helsinki, 2014-

Dean, 2010–14 and Vice-Dean, 2007–09, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki
Director, Department of Languages and Translation, University of Tampere, 2001–05
Professor of English, University of Helsinki, 2005-
Visiting Professor, Copenhagen Business School, 2010
Professor of English, University of Tampere, 1999–2005
Professor of English Language and Translation, University of Joensuu, 1995–99

Research interests
English as a lingua franca, language theory

Publications, research projects and other academic activities

Photo: Veikko Somerpuro
Author: Suvi Uotinen
Translation: John Calton

As vice-rector Anna Mauranen has a broad remit – international relations, engagement with society, personnel policy, academic quality assurance and library and premises issues. And of course she stands in for the rector.

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Anna Mauranen served as Dean of the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Arts between 2010 and 2014 and before that between 2007 and 2009 as Vice-dean. “I have really great memories of those years. And for sure there were challenges and plenty of turbulence," says Mauranen.

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Professor of English, Anna Mauranen, is one of the University’s most internationally cited researchers.

Over the last three decades Mauranen has made a strong showing among the elite of English-language researchers: she began work on her doctoral thesis at the age of forty, gaining her doctorate after three years…

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