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Helka Kekäläinen

Helka Maria Kekäläinen (previously Mäkinen)
Born February 2, 1967, Kankaanpää

Master of Arts 1993 and PhD 2001 (theatre studies), University of Helsinki

Head of Unit, Finnish Education Evaluation Centre
Secretary general 2008–14, Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC)
Senior Advisor in university sector 2005–2008, Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC)
Planning and administrative posts 2001–05, University of Helsinki
Acting professor of Theatre Studies 2000–01, University of Helsinki
Research associate in theatre studies 1998–2000, University of Helsinki
PhD student 1995–98, National Doctoral Study Programme in the Performing Arts

Dissertation: Elli Tompuri – uusi nainen ja punainen diiva (Elli Tompuri – the New Woman and the Red Diva)

Photo: Matti Kajaste
Written by Helka Kekäläinen (Olli Siitonen, ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

My dream

I dream of either achieving immense popularity by writing pulp fiction under a pseudonym or winning a nonfiction prize for a book connected with the development of higher education. Either one would do fine: popularity with the masses or critical acclaim. I dream of a return to writing.

When I was studying for my Master’s degree, I supported myself by working as a journalist, which was one of the first rewarding experiences of earning my keep through intellectual activity. At present, writing is characterised by producing a text which is copied and pasted into being from joint documents and old templates at break-neck speed, often in English.

A young summer journalist for the print media concern A-lehdet: Photo by Timo Peedu.

At times in my work I represent the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre, at other times the ENQA, sometimes Finland and occasionally the whole of Europe. I dream of a return to expressing myself, my own voice; I dream that I could shape my thoughts at my own pace into whole sentences in my native language, and someone would then read and understand them.

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