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Hanna Korsberg

Born February 24, Äänekoski

Master of Arts 1996 and PhD 2005 (Theatre Studies), University of Helsinki

Professor of Theatre Research 2008–, University of Helsinki
Temporary posts as a professor in theatre research, 2008, university lecturer 2004–2007, research associate 1996–1997 and 2000–2001, University of Helsinki

Publications, research projects and other academic activity

Research themes: the history of theatre, historiography, Performance Studies

Special Achievements:
Member of the Teachers’ Academy 2015

Photo: Linda Tammisto
Written by Hanna Korsberg (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)

My best moments at the University of Helsinki

There have been many great moments in my quarter century at the University of Helsinki, beginning from my student days. Some of my student friends have become colleagues and my current colleagues have become friends, which demonstrates what a close-knit group we are.

Meetings with students count as everyday joys, since in a small programme like theatre studies you get to know every student. It's a pleasure to witness the camaraderie of theatre studies students; their student organisation, Repliikki, also ensures the voice of students is heard in the planning of teaching. A particular joy is to learn that a postgraduate has received a grant or that their paper has been accepted for publication. Of course, being appointed Member of the Teachers' Academy was a great honour.

A special place in my heart belongs to the public examinations of doctoral dissertations in my discipline, which I currently have the honour of presiding over, and the conferment ceremonies of the Faculty of Arts, which I attend whenever I can. For my Master's ceremony, I was the Gratista (or Chair) of the conferment committee, and I have participated in subsequent conferment committees. Academic ceremonies are moments that transcend everyday life, moments where you feel particularly strongly that you are working in the here and now, with university tradition in mind, but for the future.

Dr Hanna Korsberg with Professor Charlotte Canning at an IFTR World Congress dinner in 2010. At the congress, they gave joint-presentations as members of the panel The Cold War's Performance Front. Photo: Collection Charlotte Canning.
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