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Bo Pettersson

Bo Johan Otto Pettersson
17 February, 1957, Turku, Finland

BA 1979, MA 1983, Lic. Phil. 1986, PhD 1995 (English, Åbo Akademi University); MA (English, UC Berkeley), 1986

Professor in the Literature of the United States (English, University of Helsinki) 1998-
Research Assistant (Academy of Finland) 1986–1991
Assistant (English, Åbo Akademi University) 1989–1995
Acting Associate Professor (English, University of Turku) 1995–1996
Junior Researcher (Academy of Finland) 1996–1997
Associate Professor in the Literature of the United States (English, University of Helsinki) 1997–1998.

Publications, research projects and other scientific activities
Anglo-American literature, other literatures, narrative studies, cognitive literary studies, literary theory and interpretation, the study of imagination, aesthetics (philosophical and empirical), rhetorical figures, interdisciplinarity, interarts, popular culture and combinations of these and other areas.

Photo: Marjut Pettersson
Author: Bo Pettersson
Revised by John Calton

Topics and Authors

In recent years I have studied literary contexts, the relation between mimesis (literary representation) and genre, especially in realist fiction and science fiction, imagination in literature, literary studies and teaching, plotless novels, the linguistic turns in the humanities, addressivity and hypothetical expressions in poetry, the relation between rhetorical figures and narratives, as well as various manifestations of unreliability in fiction.

In doing so I have discussed various authors, such as Nicholson Baker, William Blake, Bo Carpelan, Kate Chopin, Junot Díaz, Emily Dickinson, T. S. Eliot, Stanisław Lem, Magnus Mills, Edgar Allan Poe and H. G. Wells. Currently I am working on how literary worlds are shaped, that is, what themes and techniques they have used through the ages.

My research includes American literature (The World According to Kurt Vonnegut. Moral Paradox and Narrative Form, 1994), the relation between cognition and literary interpretation (Cognition and Literary Interpretation in Practice, ed. with Harri Veivo and Merja Polvinen, 2005) and how identity comes across in narratives (Narrative and Identity. Theoretical Approaches and Critical Analyses, ed. with Birgit Neumann and Ansgar Nünning, 2008). I have also co-edited the selected works of Johan Ludvig Runeberg, the Finnish national poet (JLR. Johan Ludvig Runeberg i urval, chair of editorial board, 2004).

For other and recent publications see the University of Helsinki database Tuhat

Photo: Marjut Pettersson.​
Photo: Marjut Pettersson.​


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