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Axel Fleisch

Born 6 December 1968, Langenhagen (Hanover), Germany

MA African Studies, 1995, Univ. of Cologne; PhD African Studies, 2000, Univ. of Cologne

Professor in African Studies 2008–, University of Helsinki
University lecturer 2007, University of Leipzig
Senior researcher 2005–2006, University of Cologne
Postdoctoral fellow “Cognitive semantics, Nguni languages” 2002–2004, University of California, Berkeley
Junior Researcher of Namibia/Angola 1995–2001, Collaborative Research Centre “Arid Climate and Cultural Innovation”, University of Cologne

Main research interests:
Descriptive linguistics, documentation of African languages (especially Bantu and Amazigh/Berber)

Publications, projects and other scientific activities

Prized and awards:
German Research Council. Postdoctoral fellowship 2002–2004.
Fellow at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study 2010, 2013–2014.

Photo: Joaquín Fanego Palat
Written by: Axel Fleisch and Tomas Sjöblom (ed.)

Axel Fleisch elsewhere on the internet

Together with my colleagues Bo Stråth (Univ. of Helsinki), Rhiannon Stephens (Univ. of Columbia, New York) and several other colleagues from Europe, the US and Africa, we have developed approaches to writing African history drawing on the intellectual precursors of conceptual history. Our website is in English,and a short article in Finnish can be found here.

Helsinki Area & Language Studies (HALS) is a research community which I am active in. The HALS philosophy – studying languages in ways that incorporate historical and cultural perspectives – reflects my own stance very well.

Current activities, research related activities and events, as well as publications can be found in TUHAT.

And finally, my own blog at the University of Helsinki – I wish I found the time to be more active on that one.



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