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Arto Mustajoki

Arto Samuel Mustajoki
Born, December 20, 1948, Tampere
Four children, 11 grandchildren

Master of Arts 1970 (German Philology), PhD 1981 (Russian language), University of Helsinki

Professor of Russian Language and Literature 1982–2016, University of Helsinki
Vice-Rector 1992–1998, University of Helsinki
Dean 1988–1992 and 2014–2016, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki
Member of the Board of the Academy of Finland 2001–2006, 2014-
Chair of the Research Council for Culture and Society (Academy of Finland) 2001–2006
Chair of the Board of the Academy of Finland 2010–2014
Vice-President of Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, 2006-2008, President 2008-2010
Member of the Finnish Research and Innovation Council 2011-2015
International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL), Member of Board 1981–, Secretary General 1991–2003, Vice-President 2003–

Research Student, Leningrad State University 1971–1973
Visiting Fellow, Cambridge University 1990–1991
Invited guest lectures abroad: Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Saratov, Simferopol, Almaty, Ulan-Bataar, Bishkek, Tartu, Tallinn, Budapest, Warsaw, Sofia, Basel, Oxford, Gothenburg

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Curriculum Vitae

Honours and awards
“Orden Druzhby Narodov,” President Gorbatshov 1990
Member of Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 1991
Commander's Cross of the Order of the Lion of Finland 1992
Honorary Doctor, Russian Academy of Science 1995
Honorary Professor, Moscow State University 1999
“Orden Druzhby,” President Medvedev 2010
Commander of the Order of the White Rose of Finland 2013

Photo: Veikko Somerpuro
Written by Arto Mustajoki
Revised by Matthew Billington

Research ethics

The book on ethics in the everyday life of a researcher which I wrote with Henriikka Clarkeburn some years ago differs from other books on research ethics in two substantial ways. First, the aim of the book is not to give precise rules for answering ethical questions but to provide materials and tools for discussing ethics within a research community. Second, the scope of the book is not only the ethics of conducting research and publishing but the whole spectrum of a researcher’s life: the assessment of works or grant applications written by other researchers, the selection of doctoral students or professors, contacts with media, potential conflicts of interest arising from the researcher’s personal life. While writing the book, I learnt a lot from Henriikka, who completed her PhD on research ethics at the University of Edinburgh. My role was to bring to the discussion all the experience I had from the different academic roles and positions in which I have been involved.

The book has been exceptionally widely read in Finland. Now we continue our cooperation by writing a similar textbook in English. It will be published by Routledge by the end 2016.

Henriikka Clarkeburn & Arto Mustajoki. Tutkijan arkipäivän etiikka [The everyday life of a researcher]. Vastapaino 2007. 320 pages.

Henriikka Clarkeburn and Arto Mustajoki.


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