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Anu Koivunen

Born January 29, 1967, Kemi

PhD 2003 (media studies), University of Turku
Licentiate 1994 (Film and television studies), University of Turku
Master of Arts 1992 (Film and television studies), University of Turku
Docent in media culture 2004, University of Tampere
Docent in Film and Television studies and women’s studies 2004, University of Helsinki

Senior research fellow in the research project Driving Forces of Democracy 2015–17, University of Helsinki
Professor of film studies 2012–, Stockholm University (leave of absence 2015–17)
Acting professor of media culture 2006–07, University of Tampere
Lecturer of film studies 2005–11, University of Stockholm
Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher 2004, University of Helsinki
Acting lecturer of women’s studies 2001–03, University of Helsinki

Research themes:
The history of film and television, gender and nationality, the construction of emotions in the media, the political public sphere

Publications, research projects and other academic activity:

Driving Forces of Democracy research project, the national public spheres of radio and television

Stockholm University research database

Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet (Diva) publications database

Photo: Bart van der Gaag
Written by Anu Koivunen (Kaija Hartikainen ed.)

Translated by Matthew Billington

My Best Memories from the University of Helsinki

Between 2002 and 2003 I worked as an acting lecturer of women’s studies at the Christina Institute, and my task, in addition to teaching, was to put together the first women’s studies – later gender studies – master’s programme. After that temporary posting, I remained at the Christina Institute as a postdoctoral researcher, until work led me to Stockholm in 2005.

Those years at the Christina Institute are gilded with warm memories, as I recall our enthusiasm for developing teaching, our belief in the future and our desire to develop the research and teaching of a discipline which was polyphonic, critical and international. I learnt a lot myself, and when I got a post at Stockholm University, I packed up all I had learnt and enthusiastically presented it to my Swedish colleagues. Although the country had changed, many relationships with friends and colleagues remained intact.

The Christina Institute was situated in the Topelia city block in Helsinki Photo: Mika Federley
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