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Anna Moring

Anna Raisa Aurora Moring
Born December 12, 1978, Espoo

PhD, 2013 (gender studies) and Master of Arts, 2005 (women’s studies), University of Helsinki; Bachelor of Arts, 2003, University of Turku (literature)

Project manager, Kaikkien perheiden Suomi (‘Finland for all Families’) project, 2013–
Education coordinator, Rainbow Families, 2012–13
General Secretary, Green Women’s Association
PhD student, University of Helsinki, 2007–12
Sub-editor, Naistutkimus-lehti, 2004–05

Written by Suvi Uotinen
Translated by Matthew Billington

Time to Think

Anna Moring hopes that she will have more time to think and write at some point in the future. She still retains the thirst for knowledge and curiosity of her days at the University.

“There is so much new information coming all the time, and from all directions, that there is not enough time to process it properly.”

In general, society needs to better facilitate discussion. People should be able to face each other.

“Now the ones who are heard are those who speak the loudest, instead of those of us taking the time to listen to what others have to say.”

Anna Moring hopes one day to have the time to think and write about all these issues.

“Ultimately, my hope is for work that will inspire me. I want to be able to challenge myself and others, to do my part in making the world a better place. I dream of a Finland where people are equal as a matter of course.”


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