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Anna Moring

Anna Raisa Aurora Moring
Born December 12, 1978, Espoo

PhD, 2013 (gender studies) and Master of Arts, 2005 (women’s studies), University of Helsinki; Bachelor of Arts, 2003, University of Turku (literature)

Project manager, Kaikkien perheiden Suomi (‘Finland for all Families’) project, 2013–
Education coordinator, Rainbow Families, 2012–13
General Secretary, Green Women’s Association
PhD student, University of Helsinki, 2007–12
Sub-editor, Naistutkimus-lehti, 2004–05

Written by Suvi Uotinen
Translated by Matthew Billington

Green World

Anna Moring has also been involved in politics. Between 2010 and 2011 she was the General Secretary of the Green Women’s Association, and a candidate for the Greens in the European Parliament Election of 2009 and the Finnish Parliament Election of 2011.

“I chose to run because I wanted to shine the spotlight on issues that were important to me. I spoke for equality, sexual and gender minorities, and feminism.”

Moring is happy that she could attract voters to her party without being elected herself, because she had so many other things going on at the time. She also learned valuable political lessons which have come in handy in her current work.

Moring considers political activism important and takes her hat off to anyone who has the dedication to participate in the process.

“We have to make society a better place for those who need it.”

There have been positive changes in recent years. One example is the legalisation of same-sex marriage, which came about through a citizens’ initiative.

The topic that is on everybody’s lips today is multicultural society.

“For a while now I have been saying that anti-racism should become the new pride movement, and that white Finns should speak out in favour of a multicultural society. It feels like that is finally happening.’

The "Monimuotoiset perheet" network took part in the Helsinki Pride event in June 2015.


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