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Anna Moring

Anna Raisa Aurora Moring
Born December 12, 1978, Espoo

PhD, 2013 (gender studies) and Master of Arts, 2005 (women’s studies), University of Helsinki; Bachelor of Arts, 2003, University of Turku (literature)

Project manager, Kaikkien perheiden Suomi (‘Finland for all Families’) project, 2013–
Education coordinator, Rainbow Families, 2012–13
General Secretary, Green Women’s Association
PhD student, University of Helsinki, 2007–12
Sub-editor, Naistutkimus-lehti, 2004–05

Written by Suvi Uotinen
Translated by Matthew Billington

Finland’s First Master of Arts in Women’s Studies

Anna Moring graduated with a master’s degree in women’s studies from the University of Helsinki in 2005, the first person to do so in Finland.

She moved to the newly established two-year master’s degree programme after finishing her bachelor’s degree in literature at the University of Turku. Outi Pajala and Tatiana Elf started on the same programme with Moring, and the trio became a tight-knit group.

“The teaching was unbelievable. We were strongly motivated and had the greatest teachers. There are extremely dedicated and well informed people involved in gender studies.”

Moring praises the multidisciplinary approach of gender studies. For instance, students from other disciplines were invited to participate in the degree programme seminars, which made for interesting discussions.

While studying, Moring worked as a sub-editor for the magazine Naistutkimus (‘Women’s Studies’). All the articles published in the magazine passed through her desk.

“That provided an excellent overview of gender studies.”

She made quick progress in her studies.

“My then partner said that “I’m not marrying someone who only has a bachelor’s degree.” That might have sped up my studies,” Moring says with a laugh.

She wrote her master’s degree thesis on queer feminist interpretations of romantic love and virtual reality.

Graduate students Outi Pajala, Tatiana Elf and Anna Moring of gender studies at a graduation picnic in 2005.

Conducting research appealed to her, and the decision to become a postgraduate student was an easy one. After completing her doctoral dissertation, Moring nevertheless wanted to have a more concrete influence through various organisations.

“A research career seemed too financially insecure. You cannot support a family with grants. But going back to research at some point in the future is still a possibility.”


Humanist of the Month, Anna Moring: the first in her field. May of 2005.

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