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Anna Baijars

Anna Kristina Baijars
Born September 27, 1966 Helsinki

Master of Arts (General Literature), University of Helsinki, 1994
Small Business Diploma, Small Business Centre, Helsinki School of Economics, 1994

Publishing Director, Gummerus Publishers, 2013-
Publishing Director, WSOY, 2008–2009
Publishing Director, Gummerus, 2005–2008
Publishing Manager, Gummerus, 2000–2004
Project Secretary, Union of Finnish Writers, 1994–1996
Religious Education Teacher, Roihuvuori Lower Secondary School, 1991–1992
Script Supervisor, Finnish Broadcasting Company, 1988–1990

Photo: Marek Sabogal
Written by Anna Baijars (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by John Calton

My dream

I dream that Finland would come to realize the entire identity of a small country resides in its culture. We would be nothing without the burning brilliance of Finnish writers, artists and musicians, nor would our art or science have got anywhere without the efforts of the nineteenth-century Fennoman movement in forging economic conditions for a thriving Finnish culture.

Finland will soon celebrate its centenary, and it feels as if all this is in danger of being forgotten. We simply lack any reason for striving if we don’t have our own strong culture and civic identity. For this reason I dream of a style of cultural politics that would make intelligence spit and spark. And it can be quantified: the VAT and pricing for books and printed matter should reassessed, the grants system should be overhauled, there should be a genuine will to produce culture, and the debate on values and worldviews should be one in which the diversity of culture should be as precious as food and drink. Without one the others are pointless.

Anna Baijars sitting on a book in Paris.​
Anna Baijars sitting on a book in Paris.​


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