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Anna Baijars

Anna Kristina Baijars
Born September 27, 1966 Helsinki

Master of Arts (General Literature), University of Helsinki, 1994
Small Business Diploma, Small Business Centre, Helsinki School of Economics, 1994

Publishing Director, Gummerus Publishers, 2013-
Publishing Director, WSOY, 2008–2009
Publishing Director, Gummerus, 2005–2008
Publishing Manager, Gummerus, 2000–2004
Project Secretary, Union of Finnish Writers, 1994–1996
Religious Education Teacher, Roihuvuori Lower Secondary School, 1991–1992
Script Supervisor, Finnish Broadcasting Company, 1988–1990

Photo: Marek Sabogal
Written by Anna Baijars (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by John Calton

My best memories of the University of Helsinki

I was working for practically the whole of my study time, so the University preserved its novelty value right up to the final course. The degree-awarding ceremony crowns the years of study in a hilarious way and so stays in the mind as a bright memory. I would like to think that every student gets the chance to celebrate their graduation at least for those unforgettable three days in vernal Helsinki.

A few other things stick in my mind about the University of Helsinki: Esa Saarinen’s red shoes, Hannu Riikonen’s encyclopaedic approach and Pekka Nummi’s Nabokov fandom. The refectories, libraries and cafés were lovely places because you never knew who you might meet that day. Ultimately life has been enriched by the people I happened to meet at the University.

Anna Baijars in the degree-awarding Congregation procession.​
Anna Baijars in the degree-awarding Congregation procession.​


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