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Andrew Chesterman

Andrew Peter Clement Chesterman
Born October 6th 1946, London.

Doctor of Philosophy (Linguistics), University of Reading 1988
Master of Letters (Applied Linguistics), University of Edinburgh 1973
Bachelor of Arts (Modern Languages), University of Cambridge 1968

Professor of Multilingual Communication 2002–2010, University of Helsinki

Associate Professor of Translation Theory 1996–2000, University of Helsinki
Lecturer in English 1973–1996, University of Helsinki

Research interests:
Applied linguistics, contrastive analysis, translation theory, research methodology, memes in translation theory.

Recent publications, projects and other scientific activities

CETRA Professor 1999 (Catholic University of Leuven)
Executive Board member, European Society for Translation Studies (EST) 1998–2004.
Scientific Advisory Board member, Center of Translation Studies, University of Vienna (2007–2010)

Prizes and Awards
Knight of the Order of the White Rose, First Class 2008
Member of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters 2005–
International Teacher of the Year 2005, Helsinki University Student Union.
Honorary Doctorate 2001, Copenhagen Business School, 2001.
Teacher of the year” 2000, Helsinki University Vantaa Institute for Continuing Education.

Written by Andrew Chesterman (ed. Tomas Sjöblom)
Image: Andrew Chesterman.

My best memories from the University of Helsinki

Some of my warmest memories from the University of Helsinki are of people, particularly my colleagues. A group of us from different language departments (plus some others nowadays) have met regularly for years. We meet at a “lunch club”, originally in Porthania and now in the Hausen café at the National Archives.

Every spring, we make a picnic excursion to Suomenlinna. Everyone brings something, and after much food, talk, laughter and wine we move up to the Piper café for a coffee before leaving.  Sadly, a founder member of the group died suddenly in 2014: Georg Gimpl, in his traditional role, is serving the wine in this picture from 2012.

Lunch club picnic in Suomenlinna, 2012. Photo: Ove Knekt​
Lunch club picnic in Suomenlinna, 2012. Photo: Ove Knekt​


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